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Provincial Labour Office Buengkan

Conference granted by government policies, practices governor Sing Buri Province. And meeting monthly. Agencies in the Department of Labour Sing Buri Province. Monthly in January 2553.


Sing Buri province governor (Mr. Phong Thu near Prasasns event), chairman of the conference provides a practical government policy and meeting. Head of Government in the month under the date January 27, 2553 at the Information Technology Center Conference Room Sing Buri Province.
Mr. Tanti intelligent young pin bow Visual Busarakamwong. Sing Buri province, revealed that workers in agencies under the Ministry of Labour Sing Buri Province. Conference offers plan for government workers and fiscal 2553 results of practical work during the month Oct 52 – Jan 53.
Granted practices and policies of the Governor General, Sing Buri Province summarized as follows.

1. The work of agencies in the Department of Labour Sing Buri Province. Can operate within the Ministry responsible policies. Most have no problems. But care must help. If not for widespread problems. Request to end the province.

2. To educate the users of knowledge workers, such as benefits. Welfare workers, who have not been universally known for a release.
To learn more.

3. For agencies of the Department of Labour using the same information. Because the process can be integrated. With support agencies such as the unemployed or want a job have to work and then when Sng.hh.. Must be increased skills capability. Must be protected in welfare. And social security in this conference. All the subordinate units. Will be a way to continue to work.