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Provincial Labour Office Buengkan


 Geospatial of Sing Buri province. 

           Sing Buri province, a pop plains and shallow ripple wave region. The deposit of sediment from the river is significant. A major river flowing through line 3 is less river Chao Phraya River and Lop Buri River. There are also other rivers lines Lam Ka La is the parent firm claims aircraft and aircraft Pho Chai Chiang root. No area is mountains and forests and minerals, no critical Sing Buri Province is located in central Thailand. 142 kilometers from Bangkok is all about 822.478 sq km area is divided into 6 administrative districts are Muang Sing Buri. District Bagrahan. District Ceaibagrahan. District Prhmburi districts and districts Teachgag Aintrsburi. 

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